MAPPA Strategic Development

Your MAPPA Committee has devoted a lot of time and work to considering the past, present and future of MAPPA in order to develop a Strategic Plan for the forthcoming years.  Much of the work of the Committee was guided by the shared values that were embedded in us during our time in Mount Anville over many years.

The Strategic Plan provides a crucial framework for the MAPPA Committee and the Past Pupils Office to ensure the growth and development of the Association.  It is important that we continue to be inspired and guided by St. Madeleine Sophie as we remember her words Be Humble, Be Simple and Bring Joy to Others.

The outcome of this work is the development of a new Strategy for MAPPA, underpinned by a Mission Statement, as follows:

“MAPPA’s mission is to support the community of Mount Anville Past Pupils.  By embracing and celebrating our shared values, MAPPA helps to preserve the ethos and heritage of the Society of the Sacred Heart…
in keeping with aims and ethos of Sacred Heart Education.”

The Strategic Plan Contains 5 Key Steps:

To Review the Structure, Roles and Remit of the Committee

To Heighten Awareness of the MAPPA Brand and Enhance Communications

To Maximise MAPPA’s Relationship with the Sacred Heart and Mount Anville Communities

To Enhance MAPPA Membership Services and Events

To Evaluate MAPPA’s Financial Position and Develop a Strong Fiscal Plan