Organising your School Reunion? MAPPA is here to help!

This year it was the turn of all the 9s for their joint Reunion – We welcomed the classes of ’79, ’89, ’99 and ’09 whose reunion took place in October 2019.

Where Do I Start?

First Things First….

Contact Julie Hamilton in our Past Pupils’ Office on +353 1 278 3362 or email pastpupilsoffice@mountanville.ie

Julie can provide contact details for girls in your year; a good starting point for getting in touch with class mates and updating their contact information. Gather a few friends to help you form an organising committee and arrange to meet to get the ball rolling.

Format of Your Reunion….

With your help, MAPPA will host a joint reception in Mount Anville for all reunion groups. The reception will be 5pm – 7pm (approx.) including Mass or a Prayer Service in the Chapel as well as a reception and photo opportunities in the Atrium. The exact format of is agreed by a committee of representatives, supported by MAPPA.

Many groups book a venue for dinner & drinks directly after the School Reception, some even add in a coach transfer to make things easier! This part of the evening is arranged by individual year groups.

Setting a Budget….

Most groups set a ticket price for their reunion, normally based on a set menu at your chosen venue. This should also include:

– Transport to your venue if required

– A contribution towards security, decoration and photography in the School.

Mount Anville welcomes past pupils back to the school for reunions. While there is no charge for use of the school facilities, a contribution to security staff is required as reunions usually take place out of hours.

How can the Past Pupils’ Office Help?

MAPPA and the Past Pupils’ Office are here to help.

We can:

  • Provide a database of contact details for your class.
  • Communicate the date of your reunion by email & social media.
  • Support you in the organisation of the day
  • Act as a liaison between you and the School

Handy Tips…

Social media is a great way to find people you have lost contact with. Set up a Facebook page/event and use it and LinkedIn to find girls you don’t have contact numbers for.

Do you have any old photographs or a yearbook? Use these to identify girls who left before 6th year and may not be in the Past Pupils’ Office database.

Why not consider a raffle at dinner? Many reunion groups chose to raise funds for the Sacred Heart Past Pupils’ Benevolent Fund on the night of their reunion.

When your reunion is over, send the updated database to the Past Pupils’ Office and we will update our records. This means that you will have a cleaner starting point for the next reunion!


Get in Touch to Organise Your Reunion