Did you know that as Past Pupils of Mount Anville, we are all affiliated to AMASC International, the World Association of Past Pupils of the Sacred Heart?


AMASC stands for Association Mondiale des Anciennes et Anciens du Sacré Coeur (translating from French as World Association of Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart).  The World Association of AMASC unites tens of thousands of Sacred Heart alumnae and alumni as part of an international family.

AMASC International was set up in 1960 at the request of the Sacred Heart Order.  Its aims are far-reaching and in keeping with the goals of the Sacred Heart:-

AMASC International

To be at the service of humanity for the construction of a just and cohesive society, with an increased awareness of its social responsibility, and a commitment to faith lived in both a personal and community dimension

  • To create and maintain friendship and solidarity among all Past Pupils Associations, so as to bring about true international collaboration
  • To cooperate actively and effectively with the Society of the Sacred Heart in its mission and ministries
  • To have an effective voice in the international organizations to which AMASC belongs, with a constant concern for discernment and open-mindedness.



Young Amasc, caters for Younger Sacred Heart Past Pupils, and is a very active wing of AMASC International.   It is co-ordinated by a Dutch Sacred Heart Past Pupil, Claudia Nicolaije.  Young AMASC aims are to provide a social network for young alumni of the Sacred Heart around the world and to provide opportunities for personal development.

Young AMASC who are developing a Meet & Greet database and hospitality Website called tripping.com.  This contains the contact information of Young Sacred Heart alumni around the world who are willing to offer fellow alumni, homestay, or advice on their continent, country or city they might want to visit.

Young AMASC also runs a Volunteering programme including summer internships and year-long projects.  Many of these projects are managed by Sacred Heart Religious or Alumnae. The year-long projects are based in the developing world and Eastern Europe and the summer internship opportunities are in Egypt and in the US.

Come and visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/youngAMASC

For more information, contact Claudia at youngamasc@amasc-sacrecoeur.org

Volunteering with AMASC

Nine Sacred Heart educators from eight Network schools and an AMASC representative were selected to participate in a Mission Immersion Programme in Uganda in 2012.  The participants spent their time at Sacred Heart Primary School and the nearby RSCJ-led residential high school which hosted the program. Irene Cullen, rscj, was the initiator of this endeavour. The goals of the program included deepening the understanding of what it means to be part of a Gospel without borders; sharing ideas and techniques in maths, English, and technology; and giving a human face and faith dimension to globalisation by developing relationships with Ugandans.

Each member of the team felt that they received more than they gave with new insights on what it means to be welcoming, loving and hospitable. Don’t forget – You don’t have to be a Sacred Heart teacher to participate in Volunteer Programmes.  There are programmes suitable for all Sacred Heart alumni who are interested in participating.

One MIP participant wrote of her experience:

“I travelled to Africa with the intention of making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than me. However, the trip proved to me that although the people are economically poor, they have a fortune in love for God and each other.”...

AMASC Hospitality Network

AMASC sponsors an international hospitality programme, offering travel information, Sacred Heart Past Pupil contacts, and occasionally offers of stays in homes or help in finding employment.  The map below gives you a sense of the scale of the World-wide network of Sacred Heart Past Pupils!